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I have been in the insurance business since1985 when I opened a brand new State Farm agency in Dallas, TX. Through hard work, faith and good fortune (and four children!) my agency grew steadily over the next 15.5 years until, in August 2000, we decided to move back home to Michigan. In early 2001, I opened a new independent agency in Grand Rapids offering more services: auto, homeowners, life, health, disability and retirement products.

The common thread running through both of these businesses has been a dedicated commitment to personalized customer service. Any business can sell you a product or policy, but what happens when you need service? You call a toll free number and speak with someone who doesn’t know you which is often a frustrating experience. My clients deal directly with me when they have a service need. Why? Because I am convinced that people still want to do business with people, preferably with people they know. It’s the way business should be done.






“Steve is one of those people who, once you’ve worked with him, you never even think about working with anyone else. He gets the job done and makes it a pleasant, personal experience in every communication.”

General Counsel & Secretary at BISSELL Inc.

“Steve has always been a top notch insurance agent to work with. He works very hard to be sure I am getting the best deal possible and is always quick to answer questions. Just when I thought I had all possible policies through him he went and started offering new types of insurance. Steve is a rockstar in the world of insurance and you couldn’t ask for a better guy.”

Jessica Fare • Financial & Operations Manager / Market Center Administrator

“I found Steve to be reliable, knowledgeable, creative and engaged when helping me evaluate our insurance needs. He works at it and takes no client for granted”.

Scott Ferris • Sales of HP, IBM, Cisco, Sun

“Steve has given us good service. He is very knowledgeable and willing to take the time to share that knowledge. I recommend him”. 

David Van Bunte • Partner at Van Bunte Family Farms

“As a busy consumer time is of essences, I choose Steve to help navigate the vast insurance world for me and my family. Steve is a true professional who stays on top of his ever changing industry. Anytime I have reached out with a need or a question he has always returned my call immediately, happy to help! Through the years, I have saved time, effort and money! I highly recommend you give Steve a call today!”

Marilyn E. Hazard Associate Broker | KWN

“Steve has been handling our insurance for about 5 years now and we have been very impressed with his service. With teenage drivers we’ve had a few claims and he’s always available to answer questions and offer advice. We couldn’t be more happy with the companies he represents along with their service and pricing. We’ve been with many other companies in 30 years of marriage and none of them compare! Thank you Steve for going above and beyond!”

Lisa Quist, Sand Lake, Mi



With a number of top-rated companies from which to choose, we are in a position to serve any need that might arise regarding your cars and home. Whether you own a Chevy or a Ferrari or a bungalow or a "Mac Mansion" for a home, we have the right solution.
From preferred health profiles to those with chronic issues we will search the marketplace for the most competitive and highest rated company. Many are looking for temporary protection from things like income loss and final expenses where term insurance will fit, but increasingly, more people are looking for coverage that lasts their whole lives in which permanent solutions are best. Whatever the situation we have the answer.
Our offerings cross the spectrum from employer-based "group" insurance to individual insurance. Or, if you are between jobs or in waiting for a group plan, we have plans to meet this "temporary" need. Supplemental health is a growing concern with the many high-deductible plans being utilized by employers today and we offer these cost-effective plans as well. No type of insurance is more confusing than health insurance, especially with Universal health care looming. Contact us for any clarifications or questions you may have. Also, for a quote sampling click on the Blue Cross /Blue Shield link below to be taken to the MyBlue site!
Also known as "income protection insurance," we provide this vital protection to the blue collar worker as well as the attorney, the physician and to those who are self-employed. For the employer who is looking for group disability coverage we also have the answer. Do not overlook this critical coverage in your insurance portfolio. Ask this question: how long could your family survive without an income?

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